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Marko Tapio Lakkala

Postal address:

Simpsintie 3 A 7, 90530 Oulu, Finland


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first name.surname(a)osao.fi 


some other addresses are also in use, but I would like work-related messages to be sent primarily to the osao address and other messages to the tutanota address 


leave a message on voicemail if I don't answer 

private phone 

+358 40 705 7801 

Work phone 

+358 40 519 5242 

text messages should primarily be sent to the work phone 


on the work phone (see above) 


on the work phone (see above)



Other social media: 

I'm not in facebook, mastodon or tinder. 

Instagram, tiktok and twitter accounts are inactive and have no content. 

Date and place of birth: 

24 August 1968 Oulu

Places of residence (officially):

 1968 - August 1998 and April 1999 -  Oulu 

August 1998 - April 1999  Forssa


matriculation examination, Toppila Upper Secondary Scool 1987 

Master of Arts, University of Oulu 1995 

Current employment

and positions of trust: 

Education Consortium OSAO, Pudasjärvi unit 
(2009-2019 Oulu vocational college, Pudasjärvi unit; until December 31, 2008, Pudasjärvi vocational college): 

-full-time instructor 1 August 2001 

-primary subject English 

-in addition, in 2024 Finnish (as students' mother tongue), Swedish, Art and creative expression, Operating as a member of society and as a citizen, Finnish as second language,  Operating in a digital environment, preparatory education for an upper secondary qualification

- in previous years, e.g. Social, business and working life knowledge, Art and culture, Ethics, Philosophy, Information and communication technology and its utilization, Strengthening study skills 

-schedule maker  

-member of the management team 

-member of the student welfare group and the special support group 

-shop steward appointed by the Negotiation Organisation for Public Service Professionals

-OSAOrekry recruiting service administrator and contact person for students and teachers

-Deputy member of OSAO personnel committee 

-sometimes earlier also e.g. deputy shop steward, deputy safety manager, member of the ethics work group, entrepreneurship agent, international affairs officer, vice-chairman of the student welfare group and member of the vocational skills committee of the North-Eastern Ostrobothnia Vocational Education Consortium and deputy member of the work community committee and member of the work group for common study units of the Oulu regional vocational college, KOHOTA project expert;  also teaching at OSAO Taivalkoski unit 

Oulu Region Freethinkers

-member of the board 1996- 

-vice chairman 1997-1999 and 2001-2020

-chairman 2000 

Housing company Simpsintie 3: 

-member of the board autumn 2001- 

-chairman of the board autumn 2007 - autumn 2022 

City of Oulu 

-member of the equality group 

Previous eployment and positions of trust: 

Toranki school, Kuusamo: 

-lecturer substitute for 1 year 

Nivala Upper Secondry School: 

-senior lecturer substitute 1 year 

Forssa Upper Secondary School

-senior lecturer substitute 8 months

Northern Lapland Vocational Institute: 

-full-time instructor 4 months 

Haukipudas Vocational College: 

-part-time instructor 1 month 

Oulu School for the Hearing Handicapped:

-office clerk 

Oulu Automobile Museum

-museum curator 

Pudasjärvi Upper Secondary School:

-part-timeinstructor 2 years 

Union of Free Thinkers (Finland)

-member of the union board summer 1999 - summer 2002 and summer 2008 - autumn 2020

 -vice-president and acting president November 2016 - summer 2017 

-vice president summer 2014 - summer 2017 

-deputy member of the union board autumn 1998 - summer 1999 and summer 2002 - summer 2008 

-deputy member of the union council summer 1996 - autumn 1998 

etc. (don't have the energy to list everything or to even remember everything)